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12596 Highway 50 South
L7E 1T6 Bolton
13682 Heart Lake Road
L7C 2J5 Caledon
16 Peachcrest Court
L6P 2R4 Brampton
13079 Dixie Road
L7C 2M6 Caledon
16930 Airport Road
L7C 2X1 Caledon
16851 Mount Wolfe Rd
L7E 3P6 Caledon
5728 Old School Road
L7C 0W6 Caledon


Caledon Chamber of Commerce

The Caledon Chamber of Commerce provides an opportunity for those people who create local jobs and drive the local economy to work with government and the public to build a better community.

The Community Chamber works closely with the Municipal and Regional governments. The Provincial Chamber acts as an umbrella organization to lobby the provincial government on issues of mutual concern to all Chambers, and the Canadian Chamber serves a similar role at a national level.

Cleaning carpets, tiles, grout, furniture and mattresses