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Region of Peel – Sedentary Behaviours

  • Region of Peel – Sedentary Behaviours

- Today, people work in more sedentary jobs and spend more time in cars. This is mostly due to changes in our modern lifestyle and environments. These changes are connected to increasing rates of obesity and chronic diseases. Sedentary behaviours are behaviours such as sitting or lying down (with the exception of sleeping) that require very little energy expenditure.  You can be sedentary at work, at school, at home, when travelling, or during leisure time. Sedentary behaviour is different than being physically inactive, and a person can be physically active and still be considered sedentary if they spend a large portion of their day sitting or lying down. (Source: The Department of Health, Australia).  Here are some facts related to sedentary behavior and tips to keep yourself active during the work week.

  1. Did you know in Peel, 35% of full-time workers are employed in occupations where their primary worksite may be an office setting (i.e. management, business, finance, administrative)? Region of Peel – Public Health can help you make your workplace more active for your staff. Visit to learn how.
  2. Canadian adults need to sit less and move more throughout the workday. Try these tips for breaking up your sitting time:

• Schedule a walking meeting

• Park at the back of the parking lot

• Host a standing meeting

• Take a 30 second stretch break

Visit to learn how to promote a healthier work environment for your employees. 

  1. Help employees live a healthier lifestyle. Encourage standing and walking meetings to get employees on their feet and moving throughout the day.

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