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A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document attesting that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. COs may be requested by customs administrations, importers, freight forwarders or banks for clearance of letters of credit.  The issuance of a CO is an important function for chambers of commerce as many countries view chambers of commerce as credible organizations and require that they authenticate documents with their stamp or seal.

All documents presented to the Caledon Chamber for certification must first be notarized. Notarization is a process by which a lawyer or a notary public certifies, from a person’s sworn statement, that the facts described in her/ his signed documents are true. Exporters that frequently use our service often find the notarization process costly and time consuming; an alternative to notarization is the letter of waiver.  Along with notarization or a letter of waiver, we also require proof of a company’s registration in Canada with the federal or provincial/territorial government and its annual business license renewal or the like before we will certify any documents.

Please allow sufficient time for the review and certification of your documents. Please scan and email multi-page documents, non-routine documents or background documents for review to [email protected] before obtaining the required notarization. Non-routine documents will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once reviewed and approved by Caledon Chamber staff, you may send the notarized documents by courier or deliver the documents in person to our office and wait while they are certified by one of our agents.

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Apply for a Certificate of Origin Online

The Caledon Chamber of Commerce is happy to partner with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and TradeCert to provide access to online certificates of origin to its members.

Registration is just three simple steps!  

1) Download the Letter of Waiver Form  
2) Scan* your completed, notarized Letter of Waiver, accompanied by your company's business registration, to [email protected]  
3) Once your documents are received, we will create your company profile and email your login details.

Important Note: If you are the manufacturer of the goods you intend to export, please send us a notarized Manufacturer's Declaration (click here for Word document template), as the Chamber requires proof of origin for all goods listed on a Certificate of Origin. 

For a complete list of accepted proof of origin, please click here.

Why you should register:

- Apply for Certificates of Origin online
- Print Certificates of Origin right at your desk
- Eliminate courier fees or trips to the Chamber
- Turnaround time in hours, rather than days
- Save money, save time, save complexity

Members: $28 plus GST
Non-members: $38 plus GST
Courier fee (if wet stamp/signature are required): $30 tax incl.

*Please note that the original notarized letter of waiver and manufacturer’s declaration (when applicable) will subsequently have to be mailed to:

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
420-360 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON, K1R 7X7
Attn: Document Certification Services

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