How Online Betting and Fantasy Apps which Fool You

You can earn crores of rupees. But in reality, the purpose of these apps is quite the contrary. To rob your money. To make you a gambling addict. I will not name these apps. Otherwise, they will use some excuse like copyright, to get this article removed.

I will explain their business model differently like this 메이저놀이터. Their traditional and original form is Casinos. What psychological tricks do casinos use to fool people and loot their money? Let’s understand this in this video.

And as you understand, you will see that similar tactics are being used by online betting apps nowadays. ‘Casino’ is a word from the word Casa, which is an Italian word meaning a house. In American history, the old gambling establishments were called saloons.

In these saloons, travelers used to come and meet each other. There used to be social gatherings. There would be food and drinks. And often people would gamble with each other. These small-scale gamblings during social gatherings are very common in India.

Like playing Tambola. It has been a part of many cultures. More or less, it has been harmless and a ‘fun’ activity throughout history. And casinos were also made for this purpose originally. Today, their name might have remained the same but their purpose is completely different.

Now, their focus is only on earning as much money as possible. And this happens only when people are made addicted to gambling. Because for any casino, their primary income source is their gambling games.

There are three general categories of casino games. First, gaming machines. Second, table games. And third, random number games. Gaming machines like slot machines, which are usually played by one player at a time.

The other employees of the casino are not involved in this. Secondly, these table games like Blackjack or Craps can be played by more than one player. And often these players compete against the “House”.

The “House” is the casino itself. These table games are organised by the casino employees who are called Dealers. And thirdly, these random number games like Keno or Bingo, in which random numbers are generated either by a computer or by an employee.

Many casino games can combine the different aspects of these three categories. Roulette is a table game conducted by a dealer. It also involves random numbers. Now you might think that playing these games means that it is a game of luck.

If your luck is good, you will win some money. But if you look at things from the perspective of a casino, then none of these are games of luck. No matter who is playing or how many times, it is guaranteed that the casino will always win.

All games are designed in such a way that in a certain time frame, all games will guarantee a profit for the casino. The expected profit is called House Edge. This is the probability that tells how much everything is in favor of the casino.

Let’s take the example of a roulette game. The American-style roulette is a wheel with numbers on the edge. From 1 to 36. Half of the numbers are in red and half are in black. You bet on whether the ball will stop at red or black.

If your guess is correct, you will win the money. You think that your chance of winning is 50-50. But if this was the case, the chance of earning profit for the casino would have been 0. If 10 people come to bet, half of them bet on black and half on red, half of them will win the money.

Casinos will not get anything for themselves. That’s why there is a small detail here that many people miss. This wheel also has two green-colored zeros. The numbers begin from here. On one side, zero and on the other, double zero.

If the ball stops on these, the casino will win. So, if the player chooses red or black, their chance of winning is 18/38, which is approximately 47.4%. And in any game, the house edge will be 2/38, which is 5.

26%. This means that, in a casino, on a roulette table, if $1 million is spent by people betting over a month, So, the management of the casino expects to earn a profit of around $50,000.

Approximately 5% of 1 million. And Roulette is still considered a game where your chances of winning are one of the highest in the casino. Because the House Edge is very low here. Usually, the House Edge of the casino for other games, can reach up to 20% or 40%.

Apart from roulette, blackjack, video poker, sic bo, are some examples of games where the house edge is very low and it is believed that in these games, the gamblers have the best chance of winning. But the most dangerous games are those in which computer programming can be done from the backend.

Like slot machines. The concept of slot machines is very simple. It looks like this. You press a button or lower the lever. Inside this, the wheels move and you see different symbols. If you get a winning combination of symbols, you will win.

A winning combination can be like a symbol being shown 5 times in a row. Then you will win the lottery. Many people think that if they play this game, they have a fair chance of winning. But there can’t be a more unfair game than this.

What is the actual backend computer programming? Because it is up to the casino, they can manipulate it as they wish. One is that they should program it in such a way that their profit is maximized. They should earn maximum money.

You might think that this means that whoever plays on this slot machine, should always lose. Only then will the casino earn the most money. But if this happens, then no one will play this game again.

That’s why another thing is considered while programming. People should become addicted to this machine. And the best way to make them addicted is to let the player win a little once in a while. But let them win only to the extent that they remain addicted to it.

Only the casino gets the maximum profit. Many psychological techniques are used here. Let’s see one by one. First of all, as I told you to make people addicted to it. The machine manufacturers use a term for this.

Time on Device. Their purpose is to maximize Time on Devices and to maximize profit as well. First, it should be ensured that people do not face any kind of interruption while playing. So that people remain focused on their game and do not get distracted.

For this, slot machines are made very fast. You get to know the response in a few seconds. And the machine is instantly ready to spin a second time. A slot machine can spin up to 500 times in an hour.

In the other card games, the shuffling takes time. People can get distracted and lose focus. Secondly, a perception is created that you are in control. Because you are lowering the lever or pressing the button.

So you feel that you have played the game and the result will be of your action. This gives an illusion of control. People enjoy playing those games where they feel they are in control. Third, when these symbols stop moving, you feel the excitement.

Because you see that it is arranged in a way that you almost won. A symbol might be forming a pattern of 3. A bit more and you would have won. This is a psychological trick to make you an addict. The machine deliberately stops in a way that you always feel as if you were just about to win.

You almost won. Because of this feeling, you get a sense of excitement. You feel that it was not a coincidence. You were in control, you were just about to win. So you ignore the loss. After 4-5 more tries, and then you see Ding Ding Ding! You won! Dopamine floods your body.

You feel truly happy. *I’ve never been so happy in my life.* But this was the next psychological trick to mislead you. This victory that you are being granted is just a small victory. Overall, if you have invested ₹1,000, by losing the last games, and you won ₹600.

You feel like you have won, but this is called Loss Disguised As A Win. This is the way to keep you addicted. Unpredictably, keep giving small rewards to people from time to time so that people keep coming back to play.


Another interesting psychological phenomenon is at play here, called Gambler’s Fallacy. This is a feeling that some people get where if they are losing one game after the other for a long time, they feel like they will win the next game.

After all, how many times can a person lose in a single game? For example, if you toss a coin 10 times and get tails all 10 times, you think that you will get heads the next time. It is highly unlikely that you will get tails 11 consecutive times.

But in reality, the chances at each coin toss remain 50-50. The chances of winning or losing did not change. This famous fallacy is also called the Monte Carlo Fallacy because, on 18th August 1913, a roulette game was played in Monte Carlo Casino.

Where the ball fell in the black space 26 times in a row. The gamblers who were gambling there lost millions of francs because they thought that since it landed on black 20-21 times in a row, and the next time it would land on red.

But the ball landed on black 26 times consecutively. The next psychological trick is related to the senses. In any casino, you won’t find a watch. Nor will there be any windows. Because no casino owner wants you to get distracted by looking out the window.

You should be focused solely on these games. You should be so addicted that you lose your perception of time. Who knows if it is day or night outside? You’ve spent hours here, but you should not realize that.

By the way, many streaming and social media platforms also use this tactic. If you are watching a TV show on an OTT app, after the episode ends, it is written immediately “Next episode starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

” Because they don’t want to give you time to think whether it’s too late to watch TV. Whether you should switch off the TV and work. No, automatically the next episode will start before you click on it.

The same is done on apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. You watch a reel, and then you don’t have to do anything. After it’s over, the next reel is automatically shown to you. Their purpose is to keep you addicted.

To stop you from getting even a little time to think. Because if you get even a few seconds to think, you might stop using this app at that moment. I have laid out a strategy to counter this tactic in my time management course.

You should also design your environment in such a way that you don’t get distracted. Disable all the notification sounds on your phone. Keep the vibration on for important notifications. Designate one space to keep your phone in your house and always keep it there.

So that while working, if you want to get distracted from your phone, you will have to go there to get distracted. The few seconds you get to think is so crucial but all these apps and companies know about it.

People who win the lottery without doing anything, lose that money as quickly as that. Because they don’t realize the real value of the money. I hope you found this video informative. You will find the course link in the description below.