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RBN Web Services provides digital support services to Caledon Chamber members at preferred rates.  Use our services to upgrade your Caledon listing so it may become a powerful promotional tool.  Your business will receive a customized solution to make your local business more visible on the internet.

RBN Web Services offers the following low cost services to Caledon Chamber members:

"You will be able to turn your Caledon Chamber directory listing into a Micro Website..."

Your Caledon listing may be professionally customized to include text and images to reflect your branding and messaging. Your listing will stand out on the Caledon Chamber website whenever site visitors are looking for your category of product or service.

The Premier Styled Directory Listing:

- for a one time editing fee of $250.00


  • Your logo and promotional description will display prominently on the Caledon Chamber site.
  • Up to 5 large gallery pictures to tell your story
  • One large header picture
  • Styled text, and professional copy
  • Artwork included (except for logo design, there would be an extra design charge)
  • Up to 1 page of text content


If you wish to have your listing edited from time to time, you may have this professionally done for a fee of $20 per edit

Then Upgrade your Listing to be professionally managed:

A Micro Website with Full Digital Management Services

- for a monthly fee of $37 per month for full digital managment services to turn your styled directory listing into a Micro Website Online Powerhouse.

Your business may have a already have a website, or perhaps you need one that is inexpensive, easily maintained, and can be launched quickly. The fully managed Micro Website will deliver everything you need. If you have a website, it will drive traffic to it.  If you don't have a website, now is your chance to get one up on the internet quickly.

Most people recognize their need to have an attractive online presence that will support sales. Nowadays however, the site needss to be more than attrative.  It also needs to be mobile friendly, fast, and able to deliver the content people are looking for.   

Today, more than 50% of online searches are being conducted on mobile devices. People are on the move when they decide where to go to make their purchase. This means your content must be found quickly by the search engines, and present what people are looking for.

Most business websites do not have consistent professional webmaster services to keep content fresh and attractive.  Today's websites need to be more than just pretty. They also need to be managed so your business is able to be seen online.

To accomplish this at affordable rates, we offer a digital management service that turns your Styled Directory Listing into a Micro Website Online Powerhouse. Your managed micro-website is designed to attract website traffic from the community at large from search engine searches like Google. It is search engine optimized so that people will find your content when they need it. This requires a professional skill-set, and customized knowledge of changing local market conditions. Caledon Chamber members may access this digital service that provides 24/7 advertising exposure for less than a one week business card ad in a newspaper!

Option - add $5 per month

Full digital management services, including managing your online profile with various listing services, to ensure they are up to date.

RBN Web Services also offers the following business support services:

  • Webmaster Support to update your website content on your existing website
  • Website Upgrades so your site is mobile friendly
  • SEO services for your website
  • Graphic Support services
  • Website Rescues
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting

Contact RBN for a free consultation.  We will visit you at a time of your convenience to help you map out a way forward.

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