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Mission Statement


To be the “Voice of good Business” committed to the economic, social and environmental health of Caledon

Core Values
Our core values focus on the beliefs that:

  • A healthy business community has a responsibility to enhance the local quality of life
  • All Caledon citizens share this responsibility


  • To be Caledon’s premier business advocate
  • To develop policy positions that reflect the values and interests of the members
  • To positively influence government policy in a visible, consistent and representative way
  • To provide strong leadership to all members through consultation, access to business information and the delivery of valued programs and services

Operating Principles

  • To be financially responsible and accountable to the members
  • To establish and maintain a positive public profile for all businesses in the community
  • To develop and sustain links to other community organizations
  • To balance the interests of business with agricultural heritage and stewardship of the land
  • To continually strengthen the membership and resource base
  • To promote effective communication among members.            


Cleaning carpets, tiles, grout, furniture and mattresses